Springfield Business Development Corporation
This is the largest site and it is also where I learned web design.  Constantly maintained as part of my duties at work.  It has received numerous honors for an economic development website.
Ozarks Regional Economic Partnership
Also a site done as part of my job, this one is still a work in progress.  As of yet, not a lot of time or effort devoted to it...yet. 
AquaSports Scuba Center
  My largest "freelance" project yet.  The owners wanted a fun site with lots of info about scuba diving.  I set it up so they could do some of their own maintenance, which they've been doing.
Missouri Operation Lifesaver
  This is the kind of site I like!  Well-planned, a nice clean design, and only worthwhile content.  This is Missouri OL's  first website and I think it works fantastic for what they wanted to accomplish. 
Downtown Springfield Association
This is a site I'm doing cheaper because they don't have a lot of funds, or staff hours, but it is an organization that I definitely believe in.  Absolutionz did the backside programming for the directory.
Third Strike Investigations
This site is a quickie that I did for this business.  They wanted something that would provide a web presence and a clean look.  They didn't need a big site with just a bunch of fluff.  I think it works well!
Ann Elwell for State Rep.
  This a site for a friend who was running for office.  She needed something she could update on her own, but still looked nice and yet effectively informed voters about her platform. 
  This is a site I threw together as a baby shower gift to our friends.  They weren't going to have a lot of family in for the birth so we attempted to get the first photos to the family ASAP.  It's a fun site!
AquaSports Proposal Site
I submitted two site ideas to AquaSports and they selected the other one based on theme.  I still like this one and think it might work for the right entity.

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