Indian Creek

The most enchanting and most rugged area of the Buffalo River, Indian Creek holds miles of breath-taking scenes, endless waterfalls, and canyons that seem to shut out the outside world.  This area can be very dangerous--bad slips and falls can be drastic.  It is also seemingly untouched.  If you venture into it, see to it that it stays that way!  I have chosen not to do a slideshow as to discourage anyone who isn't prepare and/or respectful.


Main waterfall on Indian Creek

Main waterfall on Indian Creek

First large waterfall on Indian Creek

"The Cathedral" canyon from above

Below The Cathedral looking back up

Main waterfall

Lynn beginning a rappel through
The Cathedral

Ryan rappelling through The Cathedral

Rappelling through The Cathedral

The creek as it nears it's mouth on the Buffalo River.

A falls on one of the last "tributaries" before the mouth.

same falls as previous

Natural bridge on trail between main falls and The Cathedral

Natural bridges on trail between main falls and The Cathedral

Thick vegetation along the creek.

"Spring Falls"  fed by a spring.  The lower set of the two large falls.

The canyon above Spring Falls

flowers along the trail