In the early 1980's the Arkansas Fish & Game Commission, in conjunction with the National Park Service and private citizens, restored American Elk to the Buffalo River area.  There are over 300 elk in the region, but despite numerous trips we have seen them only a few times. 

Pictured here are the elk hanging out where they normally are, in the Boxley Valley, The images range from the first time I saw them to when they about stampeded our vehicle and several other sightings.  Your best chances to see them are between Ponca and Boxley in the morning or evenings.


Return Of The Elk (article)


Gallery - Buffalo River Elk
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Male elk and his herd

48 elk grazing in the Boxley Valley

Ice January morning

A herd in the last few moments of dusk after stampeding across the highway RIGHT in front of us

The big bull elk in that herd (2008)

Another male watching us closely to make sure we didn't get too close to the herd.
Brent took these shots before and after a float trip.  They were hanging out in the trees next to the Ponca low water bridge in an area what was under water just a few days before.  (2008)
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