Peoria Stadium, Peoria, Arizona (March, 2010)

Of the 3 ballgames we went to, the game in Peoria was the only one in a "new style" ballpark.  It is the spring training home of the San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners.  We were there to see the Mariners play a Giants split squad.

Though the park is nearly 15 years old it didn't look it had a number of modern features being incorporated into mid-sized stadiums.

It was also the first game we went to and what a perfect day.  Sunny, 75 degrees and just a slight breeze.  I will say, Peoria had an ingenious feature that kept you in enough shade but still kept the sun on you as well.  Above our seats was this overhang with angled slats facing just the right direction for afternoon game!